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Administration Building exterior.png

The Administration Building is the central building of the colony on Viridis Primus. It is the home of Jade Washington, and for the first day, the home of the player.

It has a single door on the southwest side of the building. To the east of the door there is a Blueprint Machine.



Administration Building lobby.png

The lobby contains two hallways, the westernmost which leads to the storage room, and the easternmost which leads to the office, kitchen, and bedroom. There are two bookcases, four flower pots, a painting, a Lamp, and a vase. This is where the front and only door to the outside is.

Storage room[]

Administration Building storage room.png

The storage room is the player's first home, before they complete Build a house. It contains a 3D Printer, Mirror, Wardrobe, Bed, Storage Chest, Lamp, and a desk and chair. Although it ceases to be considered the player's "home," they can still use the bed to sleep.


Administration Building office.png

The office is a large room with bookcases, vases, and a Lamp. The large circular desk at the center is Jade's Collections.


Administration Building kitchen.png

The kitchen contains two cupboards/counters, a table with two chairs, a Lamp, a Refrigerator, and an Oven. It leads to Jade's bedroom.


Administration Building bedroom.png

Jade's bedroom is technically split into two rooms by a partition, but both have the same wallpaper and flooring. The western side contains a couch, two bookcases, and a table. The eastern side contains a carpet, some shoes, Jade's bed (with a bottle of wine sitting next to it), a Mirror, Wardrobe, Alarm Clock, Jade's Journal, a painting or photograph, and a white vanity set.