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Biological specimens from the marsh
Assigned by
Wyatt Jones
Assigned on
7 Summer Yr1 or later
Congratulations on discovering a solution to enter the marsh. Please take a look around and bring back any interesting specimens you might find.

Once the player has constructed and boasted about Wetland Walkers, Wyatt Jones will ask them to visit the marsh and find "interesting specimens." By this he means plants—not seeds—which are not found elsewhere on the planet. Red Fungus is found in the far southwest of the marsh. Once found and harvested, a dialogue box stating This looks pretty interesting! I should take this red fungus to Wyatt. will appear, the job will be complete, and Wyatt will assign the Bring your specimens to the lab job.

After this has been completed, the first time the player engages in conversation with Rosie Martínez she will ask about aliens in the marsh.

  • Rosie: Hey, [Player Name]! Did you find anything unusual when you went into the marsh?
    • Option 1: Yeah, a neat red fungus!
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: No, nothing unusual.
      • Rosie: Oh,that's too bad. I was hoping you would.
      • Rosie: Whenever I'm out by myself, I could swear that something is watching me!
      • Rosie: Honestly, I was sure you'd find an alien in the marsh.
        • Option 1: No aliens in there.
          • Unknown dialogue
        • Option 2: Maybe they were hiding?
          • Rosie: I'm not sure if you really believe that, [Player Name], but thanks for not teasing me.
        • Option 3: Aliens? Haha, are you serious!?
          • Unknown dialogue