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Bring your specimens to the lab
Assigned by
Wyatt Jones
Assigned on
7 Summer Yr1 or later
Did you find anything interesting? Please bring any interesting specimens you found in the marsh to my lab.

Once the player has discovered an interesting specimen, Wyatt Jones will request they bring it to his lab. Upon entering, Wyatt and Jade Washington will be discussing vague familial troubles. Wyatt will presume that the specimen found can be used for medicinal purposes. Since Wyatt has no medicinal knowledge, he says that his applications will be relatively limited. This prompts Jade to leave while saying that it is the "perfect opportunity" to get a doctor to the colony, Zaheen Patel. The full conversation is as follows.

  • Wyatt: I do not often speaks with my parents either. Though my familial circumstances are quite different ...
  • Jade: Oh, hello colonist.
  • Wyatt: Did you find any interesting specimens in the marsh?
    • Option 1: I found a weird red fungus!
      • Wyatt: Fantastic work [Player Name]!
      • Wyatt: This is an extraordinary find! It is possible this could have a medicinal application. — The job is completed at this point.
      • Wyatt: I suspected that this planet could hold some discoveries with applications back on the home world. — The relationship bar fills up slightly.
      • Wyatt: Although, I am no medical expert ...
      • Jade: This is the perfect reason to justify bringing a doctor to this planet!
      • Jade: I will contact Planetary Pioneers immediately!
    • Option 2: Nothing worth mentioning.
      • Unknown dialogue