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This guides provides an introduction on how to create mods for Verdant Skies.

It is recommended for beginner modders to base their first mod on the example mod provided by the Verdant Skies developers. This is available in the Steam Workshop.

Mod format[]

  • ModInfo: The ModInfo file is a required file which specifies the name, author, and version of your mod.
  • EventTriggers: EventTriggers allow mod developers to specify when a dialog event occurs. They can be triggered by talking to a character, entering their home, waking up, etc.
  • CharacterList: The CharacterList allows mod developers to modify existing characters or add new ones. It controls things like their schedule, collection quests, name, and relationship settings.
  • MailAndQuests
  • Dialog
  • Artwork: How to add new artwork or replace existing artwork.

Uploading the mod[]

  • First, make sure the Steam client is running.
  • Next, launch the Steam Workshop Uploader tool (from the developer's site).
    • Other mod uploading tools will work if a different Workshop uploading tool is preferred. Verdant Skies uses the appID: 730050.
  • Enter the mod name in the lower left corner and click "Create Item."
    • At this point, Steam will assign a "Published Item ID" and the uploader will create a folder on your disk for the item.
    • It will create a folder called "WorkshopContent" and inside it will be the folder for your new mod.
  • At this point, you can quit the Steam Workshop Uploader tool. You should have an empty mod created.
  • Open the <modname>.workshop.json file and fill in the ContentFolder section like this:

Filling in the ContentFolder

  • Copy the content of your mod directly into this folder.
  • Add an image to represent your mod on the Workshop page. The image must be a png file under a certain size (The docs say 1mb, but there also might be size restrictions). Place it in the "WorkshopContent" folder.
  • Relaunch the Steam Workshop Uploader tool, select your mod from the left side of the screen.
  • Fill in the title and description in the Steam Workshop Uploader tool. To avoid confusion with your users, this should really match the info you've put into the ModInfo.json file.
  • It should look something like this:

Steam Workshop Uploader example.png

  • Hit Submit and hope it works!
    • If you get an InvalidItem mod, you may need to log into the Steam Workshop and accept Steam's terms of service. Unfortunately, Steam doesn't give great feedback on that. There may also be a problem with your image. The first time you do it, you'll probably get that error. The best way to do it seems to be visiting the Steam Workshop file details page for the mod.

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