Verdant Skies Wiki

The ModInfo.json file gives some basic information about your mod that shows up in the mod list, in-game. It also tells the game that there's a mod in the folder. A basic ModInfo might look like this:

  "modName": "Example Mod",
  "modVersion": "1.1",
  "modAuthor": "Verdant Skies Team",
  "description": "This simple mod serves as an example to other mod developers. It covers a wide variety of basic functions.",

All ModInfo Fields =

  • modName - Required: The name of your mod. (As it shows up in the in-game mod list). The name in steam will need to be entered into the uploader.
  • modAuthor - Put your name here!
  • modVersion - Your own version number, so you can track what version people are playing.
  • officialMod - Currently unused. This marks mods by the Verdant Skies dev team. So you should leave it off ;)
  • matureContent - Set to true if your mod contains content you consider mature. This is currently unused, but eventually we might have an option for players to hide content they don't want to see.
  • description - A description of your mod. A max of around 150 characters is usually about right.