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Doctor's arrival at Wyatt's lab
Assigned by
Wyatt Jones
Assigned on
8 Summer Yr1 or later
Come meet the doctor!

The day following the completion of the Bring your specimens to the lab job, Zaheen Patel will arrive at the colony and Wyatt Jones will ask the player to meet them.

Upon arriving at Wyatt's Lab, the player will listen to the ending portion of a conversation between Zaheen and Wyatt in which it becomes clear that there was a prior relationship between the two of some sort. Zaheen will introduce themselves to the player and engage in more banter with Wyatt until the conversation ceases.

  • Zaheen:Your mother asked if I could gently remind you of her existence. I understand that it has been quite some time since you last called home?
  • Wyatt: You do realize that I may forget to do so yet again once this conversation is over?
  • Zaheen: Do not trouble yourself. I will be certain to let her know that you still live.
  • Wyatt: It seems that some things never change!
  • Zaheen: It would appear so! I am glad to find you well.

The player then walks up to Wyatt and Zaheen.

  • Wyatt: Greetings, [Player Name]. It is my pleasure to introduce you to my dear friend Doctor Zaheen Patel.

Zaheen Patel's description and image then displays.

  • Zaheen: So, you are the brave soul who explored the marsh to find that exquisite sample. It is quite an amazing find! I have only begun to unlock its secrets. My Clinic is northwest of Rosie's shop. If you have an illness of body, mind, or spirit please do not hesitate to visit me. — The player is given the Do You Do House Calls? achievement. Even if you are well, I would still enjoy your company. I must get back to my research. I do not wish to make a poor first impression on Administrator Washington. I look forward to getting to know you, [Player Name]. Good day to you both.

The following day, when the player wakes up, Zaheen will knock on their door. They will give the player an Insect Jar so that they can assist in collecting insects for the production and development of medicine.


Completion of this job will provide the player with the following achievements: