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Expand to another field.
Assigned by
Jade Washington
Assigned on
7 Summer Yr1 or later
Good work maintaining a successful farming operation. Come see me, and I will give you another watering tank so that you may grow crops in a second field.

Around the seventh/eighth day, Jade Washington requests the player sets up an additional crop field. She provides the player with an additional Watering Tank when the player talks to her, after having sent the e-mail. The player, in contrast to Plant a seed, can choose any tillable area for their new field. In order to complete this task, they must place the Watering Tank somewhere near the field, till the field, and begin growing seeds in the field.

The conversation in which she provides the watering tank is as follows.

  • Jade: Good work so far, colonist. You should consider expanding your farming operation to other fields.
  • Jade: There is another field just east of your first field. Set up this watering tank there.
  • Jade: Keep up the farming!