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For a list of fish and their locations, see the Fish page.

The fishing mini-game

Fishing is a mechanic within Verdant Skies. By using this mechanic, the player can obtain fish, which are useful for making food. In order to begin fishing, the player interacts with any body of water with shadows of swimming fish visible.

This will open the fishing mini-game, in which shadows of fish move across the screen in a body of water and the player targets and throws Fishing Spears at them. A series of red arrows follows the mouse, showing the spear's trajectory. Hold the left mouse button until the red target appears over a fish, and release to throw the spear. If it hits a fish, it will drop the fish item and deposit in the relevant storage facility (i.e., the player's refrigerator). All nearby fish will scatter and the mini-game will close.

Fishing is a vital part of progression in the game, and the distinct species of fish caught is cataloged in the Progress Journal.

Fish can be sold for money. Fish from different environments are worth different amounts, with fish from the mountains and caves worth the most. Some biomes have special fish that only appear occasionally. They are much larger than all the other fish and sell for $120.

Fishing Spear[]

Used to catch fish.

Image Name Blueprint cost Location Description Requirements
Fishing Spear.png
Fishing Spear Free - This simple fishing spear can be used to catch delicious native fish. -
Improved Spear.png
Improved Spear $400 Blueprint Machine Advancements in sharpening technology have led to a 60% increase in pointiness.
Super Spear.png
Super Spear $1500 Blueprint Machine This is no crappie spear. The pike-like tip of this spear is the bass in the business. Need to unlock Anthony


There are 8 Achievements related to Fishing.

  • Spears a Fish! (Catch your first fish.)
  • One Fish, Two Fish... (Two fish with one spear!)
  • Oh Snapper! (Woah- three fish with one spear!)
  • Plains Pro Angler (Catch all the plains fish.)
  • Mash Master Angler (Catch all the marsh fish.)
  • Mountain Ace Angler (Catch all the mountain fish.)
  • Cave Champion Angler (Catch all the cave fish.)