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Grow and harvest a marsh crop.
Assigned by
Wyatt Jones
Assigned on
9 Summer Yr1 or later
Please assist me in my research and harvest a marsh crop. If you lack a marsh crop seed, I suggest searching bird nests in the marsh. The avians there are likely to have gathered some local seeds for their stores.

At some point, either before or after the Wetland Walkers have been created, Wyatt Jones will prompt the player with exploring into the marsh to grow and harvest a marsh crop.

  • Wyatt: My research into the marsh flora has been progressing superbly.
  • Wyatt: However, I would love to study edible crops native to the marsh biome. Can you assist me by cultivating a marsh crop?
    • Option 1: Nah, I'm too busy.
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: Sure, I'll help!
      • Wyatt: Wonderful! I will send you a message with further details. — The relationship bar fills up slightly.

To complete the job, the player must first find some marsh seeds in the nests throughout that region. Then, they must use an Improved Hoe to till an area of farmland, plant the seeds, and cultivate them to harvest. Once the first crop is harvested, the job will be complete, and Wyatt will ask the player to tell him about the cultivation.