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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Verdant Skies.

Basic gameplay[]

The player can interact with objects and characters in the world by using the left mouse button. The view is overhead with a fixed camera position that follows the player. They can interact with interfaces using the keyboard and the mouse, depending on the interface.

In dialogue with other characters, the left mouse button is used, as indicated in the right corner of the dialogue box, to continue in the conversation. Sometimes, the player will be given choices for responses to what other characters are saying. Relationships with other characters develop according to these interactions. By choosing different dialogue options, relationship can be improved, hindered, and the dialogue said by the conversing characters changes.

The player can store items in their inventory, which can be accessed with the Inventory key or by clicking on the knapsack icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

There is an interplanetary mail system which allows the player to send and receive mail across the galaxy. It can be accessed by clicking on the envelope icon in the bottom right corner of the screen or by using the Open Mail key.

The map can be opened with the Map key or by clicking on the map icon in the lower right corner of the screen. The map shows over the player, and allows the player to still interact with the world while it is open (unlike the other menus). It only shows major landmarks (i.e., buildings) and other characters; it does not show topography.

The player can track their progress by clicking on the journal icon in the bottom right corner of the screen or by using the Open Progress Journal key.

Achievements can be tracked by clicking on the medal icon in the bottom right corner of the screen or by using the Open Achievements key.

In the upper right corner, the player's energy, the date and time, and the amount of money the player has is displayed. Any jobs that are being tracked will also be displayed here.

Over time and when doing labor, the player's energy will deplete (shown as the green bar in the upper right corner). It can be restored by sleeping and eating.


By default, the following controls are set:

  • Move Right: D/Right Arrow
  • Move Left: A/Left Arrow
  • Move Vertical: Disabled
  • Move Up: W/Up Arrow
  • Move Down: S/Down Arrow
  • Use Action: C/Return
  • Escape: ESC/Mouse Button 3
  • Inventory: I/E/Mouse Button 4
  • Map: Tab/M
  • Walk: Left Shift
  • Cancel: Not set by default
  • Menu: Not set by default
  • Alternate Use: Not set by default
  • Open Progress Journal: Not set by default
  • Open Mail: Not set by default
  • Open Achievements: Not set by default

Modified controls can be reset to their default in the Controls menu. Other controllers can be used and calibrated.

Right-clicking on items in inventories and objects in the world displays a rotary action selection tool which allows the player to choose from up to 4 possible actions that can be done to or involving the particular item or object. An action can be selected by clicking on it. Hovering over it will provide a brief description of the action, in case its icon is not clear. This allows, for example, the player to deconstruct objects in the world to move them around.

Getting started[]

Game saves[]

In the main menu, there are three buttons relating to game saves: New Settlement, Continue, and Load.... The New Settlement button initiates a new player save and begins the game. Continue will load the last save that was used. Load allows the player to choose which save to use.

Starting a new game[]

Creating a new game save will provide background storyline that the player can continue through by clicking (as indicated in the lower right hand corner). The narrative is as follows:

  • A recruiter in a knock-off designer suit motions for you to come forward.
  • "Here's your contract. No need to read it all. Just the usual boring legal stuff."
  • "Only a few things to fill in and you will be all set to be a space colonist."

At this point, the player will be prompted to choose their name. They can cycle through random names with the Random button, or manually type their name. Press Okay to confirm the name. The name is used as the identifier for the game save in the Load menu, and is used to refer to the player throughout the game (in conversation with other characters). The narrative then continues:

  • "Great, [Player Name]! Now just initial here, here, here, here, here, here, here... and one more time here."
  • "Looks good! Please watch your step as you board."
  • Barreling through space at speeds you dare not contemplate, your new planet comes into view.
  • It's just like the pictures!
  • Oh no! There seems to be a problem with your spaceship!

Initial activities[]

The spaceship will crash on the coast of Viridis Primus, and the player will be met with an unnamed character, who will later reveal herself to be Rosie Martínez. The player will then have their first conversation with another character:

  • Rosie: ¿Hola? Did you survive that rough landing?
    • Just barely! That ship is a death trap!
      • I didn't work on the transportation for the colonists. You won't have trouble like that with anything I make you.
    • I've had better days, but I'll live.
      • I'm glad you're not hurt! It looks like your ship wasn't so lucky.
  • You must be [Player Name]! We've been expecting you. I'm Rosie Martínez. The colony's mechanical engineer. Actually, I'm a space mechanical engineer now. Yeah ... That sounds much more interesting!

The screen will dim and show an image and description of Rosie. Afterwards, dialogue will continue.

  • Rosie: I came to check on you and see if we could salvage any of your ship. Do you see any scrap laying around?(++ friendship.)

The player will then be tasked with locating Scrap. This is not a proper job, because they do not have their interplanetary mail system set up until they meet Jade Washington. There is a piece of Scrap to be picked up just north of the crash site. Picking it up will give the player the This Pun Is Scrap achievement. Rosie will walk up to them and continue the conversation:

  • Rosie: ¡Bueno! You found a piece of scrap. That'll come in handy. Keep your eyes open for more wreckage as you explore this planet. We'll need it to build you a shelter. Follow me. There's someone you should meet.

After meeting Rosie Martínez and completing the This Pun Is Scrap achievement, Rosie and the player will visit the Administration Building to meet Jade. When they walk in, the following conversation will be had:

  • Rosie: Welcome to the administration building. Up here is the storage room. I guess it will be doubling as your room until we can figure something else out. Hey! I found [Player Name]. They're okay!
  • Jade: Rosie, what have I told you about yelling?!
  • Rosie: I better go talk to her. Since you'll be sleeping here tonight, why don't you take a quick look around? Just follow this hall down to the office once you've checked out your room. Oh, but please don't touch anything.

At this point, Rosie walks into the Office of the Administration Building, where she can be seen standing across the desk from Jade. Talking to either of them continues the conversation:

  • Jade: Hello, [Player Name]. I am Administrator Washington. You may call me Jade. I am responsible for the day to day administration of this colony.

Jade's description will then display.

  • Jade: I am pleased you are uninjured. Rosie mentioned that you already recovered a piece of scrap from your ship. Please continue to collect any pieces you may find. Eventually you will need to reimburse the company for the damaged craft. — (++ friendship.)
    • Okay.
    • It wasn't my fault!
      • Rosie: ...
      • Jade: Whether it was a malfunction or user error, you signed the contract. It was your responsibility to read each line of the 200 page document to ensure you understood your obligations before signing. — (-1 friendship)
  • Rosie: Don't worry, [Player Name]. It can't be that expensive.
  • Jade: Oh, but it is that expensive. For now, here are some basic tools to get you started. I assume you will be able to ascertain their use.

The player will then be given their basic beginner tier tools: the Dull Axe, the Simple Hammer, the Basic Hoe, the Basic Pick, and the Fishing Spear. The player can click the Awesome! button to continue.

  • Jade: As for communication, you will receive messages via the envelope icon at the bottom of your screen. Get some rest, colonist. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

The player will be prompted to sleep in the storage room. They will be sent the Welcome. message from Jade through the interplanetary mail system. This is not a job message. The player can sleep by clicking on a bed, and confirming that they wish to sleep by selecting Yes in the Are you sure you want to sleep? dialogue box. Sleeping will provide useful hints on the screen on how to better play and understand the mechanics of the game.

At this point, the player will be sent the Plant a seed job and they can continue with their colonial activities by talking with other characters and performing their colonial duties.

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