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The Hungry Cave is found in the northwest most area of the mountains. It looks like the other caves, but is too small for the player to enter. Dropping different types of food into the cave gives different responses, and certain foods will give the player a Sky Berry, which can increase their maximum energy.

Hungry Cave

Foods and responses[]

Food Response Sky Berry?
Spaghetti.pngSpaghetti Astounding! Like a thousand tiny flavor snakes! Yes
Fried Eggs.pngFried Eggs Astonishing! This is the perfect mix. Each yellow sphere is a shining face of joy, looking up from my plate! Yes
Jelly Sandwich.pngJelly Sandwich Amazing, this is a new form of perfection! Thank you for sharing. I will share my favourite food with you. Yes
Pizza.pngPizza Incredible! A meal served on an edible plate!Thank you for sharing. I will share my favourite food with you. Yes
Scrap.pngScrap *crunch* Mmmn... tastes like metal. Not my favorite. No
Lumber.pngLumber *crunch* *crunch* I think I got a splinter in my mouth. No
Stone.pngStone *crunch*....*crack* Ouch! Far too crunchy! No
Red Flowers.pngRed Flowers
Yellow Flowers.pngYellow Flowers
Blue Flowers.pngBlue Flowers
Flour? No, this is flowers. No
*squish* Berries good.. but.. not complex enough. No
Berry Jam.pngBerry Jam *slurp* Smushed berries! They need something else... No
Flour.pngFlour Very powdery. This is a good start. No
Bread.pngBread Very good, but it needs something extra. A little sweetness and I think you will have it. No
Sweet Milk.pngSweet Milk
White is good, but it is too runny. This needs to be mixed with something else. No
Giant Egg.pngGiant Egg It has no hinges, key, or lid... Yet a delicious treasure inside is hid! This is close to perfection. But more ingredients are needed. No
Pesky Puffer.pngPesky Puffer
Copper Bubbler.pngCopper Bubbler
Trawling Chomper.pngTrawling Chomper
Very wiggly.. and raw. Too raw. No
Quantum Dust.pngQuantum Dust Quantum Dust holds the secrets to teleportation. Bring the photographer to this cave. The secrets can be revealed. No

The default response from the Hungry Cave is *crunch* *crunch* *crunch*, with no further comment and no Sky Berry. The following items return this response:

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