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I made the Wetland Walkers!
Assigned by
[Player Name]
Assigned on
7 Summer Yr1 or later
Wow, I did it. With these boots I can enter the marsh. I should celebrate by telling Rosie or Wyatt about my success.

Once the player has completed the Build the Wetland Walkers job, they will prompt themselves with celebrating either to Rosie Martínez or Wyatt Jones. Once this job is completed, Wyatt will assign the Biological specimens from the marsh job.


The player can only choose one person to celebrate with.

With Rosie[]

Telling Rosie will increase the player's friendship with her. The conversation is as follows.

  • Hey [Player Name]! Why do you look so happy?
    • I did it! I made the boots!
      • ¡Qué bueno! Congratulations on your new Wetland Walkers!
      • It's so sweet that you wanted to share your success with me! I hope this is just the beginning of your crafting career. — The relationship bar fills up slightly.
      • Good luck in the marsh! Wyatt said he expects you'll find some interesting biological samples in there.
      • Be sure to take any interesting specimens you may find to Wyatt.
      • But if you find anything particularly unusual ... I mean really unusual .. Let me know!

With Wyatt[]

Unknown dialogue