Verdant Skies Wiki
Investigate the marsh.
Assigned by
Wyatt Jones
Assigned on
6 Summer Yr1 or later
See if you can visit the marsh. If we can access the marsh, we may find a myriad of new plants!

Talking to Wyatt Jones can cause him to ask the player to visit the marsh to the southwest of the Administration Building. In order to complete this task, the player simply needs to visit the marsh.

The conversation that prompts this job is as follows.

  • Wyatt: The plant life I have discovered thus far has been most impressive ... But I am certain there are even better specimens in the marsh to the southeast.
  • Wyatt: Can you visit the marsh, and find some new interesting specimens?

Attempting to enter will cause the player to halt in their tracks, and a dialogue box will appear stating that the player is sinking and needs "special equipment" to visit:

  • My feet are sinking into this marsh! I'll need some sort of special equipment to enter.
  • Maybe Rosie can help me make something ... I should find her on my map and talk to her.

It will then complete the job, and the player will be prompted to visit Rosie Martínez about getting "special equipment." At this point, the job will be completed and the player will be assigned Talk to Rosie about the marsh. by Wyatt Jones.