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Kenji Yamada
Kenji Yamada normal.png
Lives in:
World Renowned Artist
Kenji Yamada is a talented artist from the home world. He has come to Viridis Primus in search of inspiration for his next masterpiece. If you create something that catches his eye, perhaps he will let you exhibit it in his gallery.

Kenji Yamada is a World renowned artist. Kenji is one of the twelve characters available to marry and is willing to be in a polyamorous relationship.

First contact[]

Small talk[]

Talking with characters outside of job duties can improve the player's relationship with them. Kenji can say any of the following when engaging in small talk with him:

Unknown dialogue

Relationship progress events[]

When the player is advancing from one stage (heart) in a relationship to the next, it is done so through an event.

First green heart[]

The player can acquire the first green heart by entering Kenji's home.

Unknown dialogue


Kenji's Pigments and Paints
Red Flowers.pngRed Flowers Foraging
Yellow Flowers.pngYellow Flowers Foraging
Blue Flowers.pngBlue Flowers Foraging
Niter.pngNiter Smashing rocks with a Pickaxe in the Mountain Cave, Buy from Miles
Sunfruit Sauce.pngSunfruit Sauce Grinder.pngGrinder
Stinky Inky.pngStinky Inky Found in Marsh Rivers and Lakes
Reward Paint Brushes.pngPaint Brushes Paint Bottles.pngPaint Bottles
Kenji's Found Art
End Table.pngEnd Table Woodworking Workbench.pngWoodworking Workbench
Sashimi.pngSashimi Cooking
Salt.pngSalt Buying from Miles
Sawdust.pngSawdust Grinder.pngGrinder
Reward Kenji's Figure Study.pngKenji's Figure Study
Kenji's Mixed Media
Heartfruit.pngHeartfruit Foraging
Heartfruit.pngHeartfruit Foraging
Heartfruit.pngHeartfruit Foraging
Clay.pngClay Smashing mud puddle with a Pickaxe in the Eastern Plains
Clay.pngClay Smashing mud puddle with a Pickaxe in the Eastern Plains
Clay.pngClay Smashing mud puddle with a Pickaxe in the Eastern Plains
Reward Kenji's Color Study.pngKenji's Color Study
Kenji's Placeholder
Painting 1.pngPainting 1 Painter's Easel.pngPainter's Easel
Painting 2.pngPainting 2 Painter's Easel.pngPainter's Easel
Painting 3.pngPainting 3 Painter's Easel.pngPainter's Easel
Painting 4.pngPainting 4 Painter's Easel.pngPainter's Easel
Lumber.pngLumber Chopping Trees with an Axe, Buy from Miles
Painting 5.pngPainting 5 Painter's Easel.pngPainter's Easel
Reward Kenji's Fruit Bowl.pngKenji's Fruit Bowl