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Meet the shopkeeper
Assigned by
Jade Washington
Assigned on
9 Summer Yr1 or later
[Player Name], stop by the administration building to meet the shopkeeper who is arriving today.

The day after the player completes the Recruiting a shopkeeper job, they will be invited to meet the shopkeeper by Jade Washington. They can enter the Administration Building to meet Miles Kelly. The player will partake in a conversation with Jade and Miles.

  • Miles: This is the "resource rich" planet you promised me?! And where are all the colonists?!
  • Jade: Do not presume to raise your voice at me! This planet still meets all the requirements of your contract.
  • Miles: You've got me there! It does follow the stipulations of the contract. But this is not what we had verbally agreed upon!
  • Jade: Mr. Kelly, I do apologize, but as you know, verbal agreements are unenforceable. It is nothing personal, it is just business.
  • Miles: Yes, ma'am. Business is business. Remember that in our future dealings. Oh! Hi, friend! Jade was just telling me all about you. Pleased to meet you! Miles Kelly, entrepreneur extraordinaire, investment genius, and most importantly, the man bankrolling this little expedition, at your service!(The Shopping Spree! achievement is unlocked.)

The description of Miles Kelly is displayed.

  • Miles: I'm also your new shopkeeper. Looking forward to doing business with you! Please be sure to visit my shop to check out the inventory. You can't miss it! Only shop on the planet. I'll see you both around!


Completion of this job will provide the player with the following achievements: