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Miles Kelly
Miles Kelly normal.png
Lives in:
Miles's Shop
Entrepreneur, shopkeep
Unlocked in:
Recruiting a shopkeeper, Meet the shopkeeper
Related achievements:
Shopping Spree!

Money Can't Buy You Friends

As a stipulation of his contract to sponsor the colony, Miles Kelly owns the only shop on Viridis Primus. Frugal and always on the lookout for a great investment opportunity, at times he seems more concerned with profits than people. However, Miles can make anyone feel like his most important customer once they enter his shop.

Miles Kelly is the primary investor of Viridis Primus and is the only shopkeeper where the player can find everything they need for their house. He will move on Viridis Primus in Miles's Shop West of Player's Home after completing In Recruiting a shopkeeper and Meet the shopkeeper quests. Miles seems very friendly, always trying to make comfortable every potential customer by calling them "friend" even if he doesn't remember their name. At first, only money, profit and valuable items seem important to him but his attitude starts to change towards the player when they befriend him. When you know him better, you'll learn that he is not really the social guy that he seems to be and he's just a lonely guy with no real "friends" by his side. Miles is one of the twelve characters available to marry and is willing to be in a polyamorous relationship.

First contact[]

The day after the player completes the Recruiting a shopkeeper job, they will be invited to meet the shopkeeper by Jade Washington. They can enter the Administration Building to meet Miles Kelly. The player will partake in a conversation with Jade and Miles.

  • Miles: This is the "resource rich" planet you promised me?! And where are all the colonists?!
  • Jade: Do not presume to raise your voice at me! This planet still meets all the requirements of your contract.
  • Miles: You've got me there! It does follow the stipulations of the contract. But this is not what we had verbally agreed upon!
  • Jade: Mr. Kelly, I do apologize, but as you know, verbal agreements are unenforceable. It is nothing personal, it is just business.
  • Miles: Yes, ma'am. Business is business. Remember that in our future dealings. Oh! Hi, friend! Jade was just telling me all about you. Pleased to meet you! Miles Kelly, entrepreneur extraordinaire, investment genius, and most importantly, the man bankrolling this little expedition, at your service!(The Shopping Spree! achievement is unlocked.)

The description of Miles Kelly is displayed.

  • Miles: I'm also your new shopkeeper. Looking forward to doing business with you! Please be sure to visit my shop to check out the inventory. You can't miss it! Only shop on the planet. I'll see you both around!


Miles was born poor, in a big family and was the eldest of nine children. As the eldest, he was always taking care of his brothers/sisters and couldn't really enjoy his childhood. When he grew up, he left his family to become an entrepreneur to escape this cycle of poverty, which he succeeded in. After that, when his father passed away, he didn't attend the funeral, and since then, he hasn't heard from any of his siblings or his mother. He doesn't even know if they're still alive. Despite his ignorance about them, he still thinks of his family and he will even try to contact his mother again when the player befriends him.

Small talk[]

Talking with characters outside of job duties can improve the player's relationship with them. Miles can say any of the following when engaging in small talk with him:


For the amount of money I put into this colony, I expected a bit more by way of creature comforts.

Hi, friend. Rosie said your storage pod blew up. What a shame. Those are quite pricey.

Wyatt has been studying the local plants quite diligently. I admire how dedicated he is to his studies.

When I gaze at the undeveloped purity of this world I get all chocked up! Just think of what it's worth!(+ friendship)

  • Hello, friend! Hard at work again today? — (+ friendship)
    • I'm taking today off!
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Always!
      • Great work ethic! I'm certain your efforts will pay off! — (+ friendship)

  • Remember to stop into my shop frequently.
  • The inventory changes daily!

Relationship progress events[]

When the player is advancing from one stage (heart) in a relationship to the next, it is done so through an event.

First green heart[]

First Green Heart.png
The player can reach the first green heart by visiting Miles' Shop when his relationship bar is full. Miles invites the player if they initiate a conversation with him:

  • Do you like fine art, friend?
  • Not really.
    • Unknown dialogue
  • Who doesn't?
    • Very good, friend! Please feel free to stop by my home sometime to view my collection.

  • Welcome, friend! Come on in.

The player walks towards Miles.

  • Collecting artwork is a hobby of mine. Do you have any hobbies, friends?
  • I always make it a point to get to know my customers on a personal level.
  • It helps me to ensure they get the best service possible!
  • So tell me about yourself, friend!
  • What do you want to know?
    • Anything, friend! Let's just see where the conversation takes us!
  • I'd rather not...
    • Well, friend, I won't make you open up to me, but do stay and chat a bit? There aren't many colonists here, so we should all try to get along, no?

The screen dims, and 1 hour passes.

I must say, you're quite the interesting person, friend!

  • You weren't really listening...
    • Of course I was, friend! You need to give yourself more credit! Speaking of credit, it's time for me to count my savings.
  • You really think so?
    • As sure as the day is long!
    • Would you like at the time! I must get to counting my savings.
  • Take care, friend!

Second Green heart[]

Second Green Heart.png
The player can reach the second green heart by visiting Miles's shop, when his relationship bar is full and the first green heart has been reached.


Ah, friend! Please come take a look at my art collection. You know, I didn't start collecting art until about three years ago.

  • Really? You seem so cultured.
    • That's awfully kind of you! It actually stems from an encounter as a young man.
  • What got you started?

I saw this painting of a busy cityscape. It was at night and the colors were uniform but each building was unique. It was fascinating. I had always wanted to live in a big city and I wanted to buy it and put it in my room as inspiration. But there was no way I could afford it. When I went into business, I knew that was going to be my first big purchase. So, three years ago, I tracked down where it ended up and paid handsomely for it. And now it's in my collection! Wow, I've been babbling on and on! I'm so sorry to keep you. But come back anytime to discuss art!

Third Green heart[]

Third Green Heart.png
The player can reach the third green heart by visiting Miles's shop for lunch, when his relationship bar is full and the second green heart has been reached.


I hope you brought your appetite, [Player Name]! I've made far too much salad for one person. So, tell me. How has your experience in the colony been so far?

The screen dims, you regain 30 energy and 1 hour passes.

It's been so nice chatting, [Player Name]. Thanks for keeping me company!

  • Any time!
  • The pleasure was all mine.

There is just one quick thing I wanted to tell you before you leave. I didn't actually know your name until yesterday. I didn't think you'd stick around on the colony--it's tough living here!

  • How dare you!
    • I know, I deserve that. I'll understand if you want nothing to do with me. If you change your mind, just come find me sometime. — (Unlocked Money Can't Buy You Friends achievement.)
  • Oh, don't worry about it!
    • Oh, I was so worried you'd be mad at me. I really do know your name is [Player Name]! And if I really didn't care, I would have just played it off like nothing happened. I'm glad you accept my apology. — (Unlocked Money Can't Buy You Friends achievement.)

First Blue heart[]

First Blue Heart.png
The player can reach the first blue heart by visiting Miles's shop, when his relationship bar is full and the third green heart has been reached.


I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... Hmmm... Oh! [Player Name], I didn't hear you come in.

  • What are you doing?
    • Doing? Nothing, friend. Nothing at all. Actually, that's a lie. I'm practicing my apology to you.
  • Why are you sorry?

I'm sorry for giving you my overstock and acting like it was a generous gift. I was just trying to score some quick points. You know, make the new colonist like me. I hope you'll forgive me. It really was something I thought you'd find useful, I promise!

Second Blue heart[]

Second Blue Heart.png
The player can reach the second blue heart by visiting Miles's shop for dinner, when his relationship bar is full and the first blue heart has been reached.


You're in for a real treat tonight, [Player Name]! A real treat!

  • What's the special occasion?
    • Does there have to be a special occasion?
  • You never disappoint!
    • You know me! Ever the salesman!

I just wanted to prepare a meal for you to thank you for being such a great friend. I've made some delicious boxty and a lovely fruit salad.

  • We're eating boxes?
    • No, [Player Name]. Box-ty.
  • Sounds tasty!

Some might think that potato pancakes are only good for breakfast, but my boxty is good any time of day! I'm sure you'll love them. In fact, take the recipe now! This way I won't forget... And I also won't worry you didn't like them if you don't ask for the recipe later! If you're up to it, I also have a bottle of wine I've been saving. (Unlock new recipe: Boxty.)

  • Sure!
    • Can't think of someone I'd rather share it with!
  • Not tonight.
    • Of course, of course! No pressure. I'll be having some if you change your mind, but I have plenty of other beverages to choose from.
  • I don't drink.
    • How thoughtless of me. My apologies. I have plenty of other beverages to choose from.

Help yourself!

The screen dims, you regain 30 energy and 1 hour passes.

It's nice to have someone to chat with again. It isn't often I let people get this close.

  • You don't have anyone?

Not anyone like you, [Player Name]. Not any close friends. Not on the best of terms with my family either.

  • I'm sorry.
    • Aw, don't take pity on me. I brought it on myself.
  • That's too bad.
    • It sure is. But I only have myself to blame.

I have eight siblings and my ma. At least I think they're all still alive. Don't judge me too harshly. I haven't heard from any of them since my da died. I suppose it's because I didn't attend the funeral. You have to understand, [Player Name]... The eldest of nine, I was more a live-in nanny than a child myself. Some days I feel guilty about leaving them when I did. But most days I don't feel one bit guilty for escaping that cycle of poverty. Maybe I should not have had that wine! Just listen to me rambling on. I've kept you for far too long! Please excuse me so I can straighten up before bed.

Third Blue heart[]

Third Blue Heart.png
The player can reach the third blue heart by visiting Miles's shop, when his relationship bar is full and the second blue heart has been reached.


Thanks for stopping by, [Player Name]. I'm glad you're here. Would you like some coffee? Tea, perhaps?

  • Coffee, please!
    • I'll grab some! Be careful, it'll be hot.
  • I'd love a cup of tea.
    • I'll grab some! Be careful, it'll be hot.
  • No thank you!

So... I'm glad you're here. Did I already say that? Ugh. Okay. Anyway. I am. You've been my favorite customer for so long. And I do have a few--you're not the only one anymore! Anyway. I just wanted to say thanks. I really value our time together.

  • So do I, Miles.
    • Wonderful! I do have question for you, though.
  • That's sweet.
    • That's me! Miles, the sweet shopkeep! But I really did have something to ask you.

Like I said, you're my favorite customer. But you're also my best friend on the colony. My best friend on any planet, really.

  • Single
    • Today only, my shop is having a once-in-a-lifetime giveaway. My heart! ... ... That sounded way less cheesy in my head. Scratch that. Do you want to date? I think you're really great. And now I'm rhyming. What is wrong with me? Anyway. If you want to see other people, I suppose that's fine. I won't, but you do your thing.
      • Let's do this thing!
        • Oh, [Player Name], I'm so glad! I was so nervous. I can't believe I made cheesy jokes and rhymes to ask you out! Actually, I kind of can. You bring out the poet in me!
      • You're more like a good friend to me.
        • I understand. I mean, no big deal! We haven't known one another that long, so it's no big deal. I'll, uh, see you around, [Player Name].
  • Already Married
    • I know you're already exclusive with someone, so I won't embarass myself further. But I want you to know how much your friendship means to me. ... So thank you, [Player Name].

First Red heart[]

First Red Heart.png
The player can reach the first red heart by visiting Miles's shop, when his relationship bar is full and the third blue heart has been reached.


Hi, [Player Name]. Sorry I'm not my cheerful self.

  • What's the matter?
    • You're so sweet to ask.
  • Should I come back later?
    • I'd love it if you stayed just a little bit.

Today's my ma's birthday. And I just don't have the guts to call. It's been so long. I don't even know if she's still in the same house.

  • What are you afraid of?
    • I don't know. That she'd rip me a new one for leaving. That she'd guilt trip me to death. That she'd just be so happy I called after so long. I'd feel terrible.
  • I'm sure she'd love a call.
    • I know. I think the worst outcome would be her just happy to hear from me. I'd feel so awful.

I don't know what I'll do. But you wouldn't hate me if I chickened out, would you?

  • Of course not. Only you can make this choice.
    • Thanks, [Player Name]. Your support means so much to me.
  • You really should call her.
    • I know. But it's hard. Thank you so much for talking this over with me, [Player Name].

Second Red heart[]

Second Red Heart.png
The player can reach the second red heart by visiting Miles's shop, when his relationship bar is full and the second red heart has been reached.


Oh, [Player Name]! You're never going to guess what I have for you.

  • A joke?
    • I'm too excited for jokes!
  • A profit and loss statement?
    • This is even more important than my bottom line! But only by a little.
  • Don't keep me in suspense!

Okay! I wanted to give you something. It's something I've never given to anyone before. It's a key to my shop! And, as luck would have it, my house.

  • Oh, I love it!
    • I'm so happy to hear that!
  • I don't need a key.
    • Nonsense! Just hold onto it anyway.

I just want you to know how much I trust you. And how you're always welcome in my home. You're very special to me and you feel like home. Anyway, we're both busy people! And we've got a job to do here on Viridis Primus!

Third Red heart[]

Third Red Heart.png
The player can reach the third red heart by visiting Miles's shop, when his relationship bar is full and the third red heart has been reached. This event will determine if you'll married together, move in, stay a couple or break up.


Hi, [Player Name]. Thanks for stopping by. I closed early so we could talk! Let's go somewhere more comfortable. I always look forward to our talks. I look forward to... a lot with you. I came to Viridis Primus with one goal in mind: Money. But I didn't get exactly what I envisioned, did I? I feel like I got something much better. You. I'm kind of nervous, [Player Name]. [Player Name], I... uh... [Player Name], will you be my one and only?

  • Let's have a commitment ceremony.
    • Oh, I was hoping you'd say that! You really want to have a big ceremony?
      • Yes, Miles!
        • This is so great, [Player Name]! We'll have the most lavish ceremony this planet has ever seen! I'll take care of the arrangements. Filing taxes is going to be so fun next year! Schedule our big day in my journal when you're ready! — (The scene ends.)
      • Actually... (Reload all the 4 choices.)
  • Let's live together.
    • You're not into the whole spectacle, eh? That's cool with me! I just want you all to myself!
      • Do you want a ceremony?
        • I kind of want to show you off to the whole planet, but I understand if that's not your thing!
          • Let's celebrate privately. (Who needs a ceremony answer.)
          • Let's have a ceremony!
      • Who needs a ceremony?
        • So you wanna move in without a ceremony?
          • That's perfect!
            • Great! Pack your bags, [Player Name]! We're gonna be so happy together! I'll even give you my ATM pin! Come over tomorrow and we'll set everything up. — (The scene ends.)
          • Hold on a minute... (Reload all the 4 choices.)
  • I like how things are now.
    • I... really? Okay, yeah. You really just want to date... like, forever?
      • That's what I want.
        • Oh... okay. I didn't really see this coming. Kind of thought you'd feel the same way. I don't want to wait around forever. But I'll give you time, [Player Name]. — (The scene ends.)
      • On second thought... (Reload all the 4 choices.)
  • I think we should just be friends.
    • Really, [Player Name]? I gave you a key to my shop. I'm ready to share a bank account with you. You really want to break up?
      • I think it's for the best.
        • I... wow, okay. Please give me my key back, then. — (The scene ends.)
      • Well, hang on... (Reload all the 4 choices.)

Random events[]

Free floor tile[]

The first time the player enters Miles' Shop, they will be given a free floor tile. In walking in, they will experience the tail end of a conversation between Miles and Wyatt.

  • Miles: That's a good one, friend! I'd never heard that one before!
  • Wyatt: I am pleased you approve! I shall make a point to stop in whenever I have a new one to share.
  • Miles: That's nice, friend, but I'm sure you're a busy man. No need to go out of your way on my account! Welcome, friend! Please don't be shy. Take a look around!
  • Wyatt: Good to see you, [Player Name]! I wish I could stay to chat, but I really must be going. Good day to you as well, Miles.
  • Miles: It's your lucky day, friend! I'm giving each new customer a new floor design, just for stopping in! No purchase necessary! Today only! Tell your friends!
    • I have no friends.
      • Hmm. Sorry to hear that, friend. I suppose the population is a bit sparse here on Viridis Primus.
    • Like who, Rosie and Jade?
      • Well, yes, I see your point. There aren't many other people currently on Viridis Primus.
  • Miles: Don't let me keep you! Go try out that premium floor design I just gave you.

Miles's Music Disc[]

After the player saw the third green heart event, when entering Zaheen's Clinic, they will be given the music disc for: Miles. In walking in, they will experience the tail end of a conversation between Miles and Zaheen.

  • Miles: So there's not actually anything wrong with me?
  • Zaheen: Have you been under an unusual amount of stress?
  • Miles: Not more than usual, although profits aren't really what I hoped.
  • Zaheen: And have you had any success with the relaxation techniques we discussed previously?
  • Miles: I've dedicated twenty minutes each evening to relaxing with my freestyle rap soundtracks.
  • Zaheen: That would not be my choice, but I support whatever works for you. Perhaps you would consider also trying this soundtrack.
  • Miles: I'll certainly consider it. It does have a certain calming effect.
  • Zaheen: It's not bad. Really! I'll give it a try. I know I need to unwind more.
  • Miles: Can I have this disc for free?
  • Zaheen: Yes, Miles. Consider it a gift.
  • Miles: Oh, [Player Name]! I've decided to try some new music! Please take a copy of my previous mix. — (Unlocked Music disc for: Miles.)


Miles's Amateur Artist
Painting 2.pngPainting #2 Painter's Easel.pngPainter's Easel
Painting 3.pngPainting #3 Painter's Easel.pngPainter's Easel
Painting 4.pngPainting #4 Painter's Easel.pngPainter's Easel
Reward $100
Miles's Pottery Professional
Pot 1 Design 3.pngPot 1 Design 3 Pottery Kiln.pngPottery Kiln
Pot 2 Design 2.pngPot 2 Design 2 Pottery Kiln.pngPottery Kiln
Pot 3 Design 5.pngPot 3 Design 5 Pottery Kiln.pngPottery Kiln
Pot 4 Design 1.pngPot 4 Design 1 Pottery Kiln.pngPottery Kiln
Reward $160
Miles's Brilliant Buddies
Ruby.pngRuby Smashing rocks with a Pickaxe in the Mountain Cave
Sapphire.pngSapphire Smashing rocks with a Pickaxe in the Mountain Cave
Flower Bouquet.pngFlower Bouquet Woodworking Workbench.pngWoodworking Workbench
Reward $200
Miles's Elegant Embellishment
Elegant Fish Statue.pngElegant Fish Statue Buy from Miles
Reward Miles's Cube.pngMiles's Cube Miles's Brain Teaser.pngMiles's Brain Teaser Miles's Puzzle.pngMiles's Puzzle