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Ramón Martínez
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Lives in:
Unlocked in:
When your relationship is high enough with Rosie
Rosie Martínez (Twin Sister)
Space travel is not something Ramón Martínez would have ever considered if it weren’t for his twin sister, Rosie. Though risk-averse, Ramón could not refuse her request to serve as the colony’s nurse. Always the overprotective brother, Ramón spends most of his time watching over Rosie… Whether she likes it or not.

Ramón Martínez is the colony’s nurse. He is the twin brother of Rosie Martínez. Ramón will only be in a monogamous relationship with the player.

First contact[]

When the player's relationship with Rosie is high enough, Rosie will ask the player to convince Jade Washington to bring her brother into the colony. When the player enters Rosie's home the following conversation will occur.

  • Ramón: ¡Es verdad! (English: It's true!)
  • Rosie: ¿Seriamente? (English: Seriously?)
  • Ramón: ¡No es una broma! Jade lo dijo. (English: It's not a joke! Jade said it!)
  • Rosie: [Player Name] I'm so glad you could make it. This is mi hermano, Ramón.
  • Ramón: I hear I have to thank you for Jade finally allowing me to join the colony! Nice work building the expansion! My home is just west of here. You should stop by to see it sometime. Rosie says you have been helping her too. thank you taking care of her while I was stuck back home. However your services are no longer needed. I can take it from here.
  • Rosie: Ramón! I am capable of taking care of myself. Stop try trying to scare [Player Name] away. Forgive my brother. He is a bit overprotective of times.
  • Ramón: I can tell when I am unwanted... Rosie, cuidate. I'm sure we'll see one another again, [Player Name]. Adiós.
  • Rosie: I really miss mi familia. But I'm glad Ramón is here!

Small talk[]

Talking with characters outside of job duties can improve the player's relationship with them. Ramón can say any of the following when engaging in small talk with him:


Some days I wish I have never come to this planet. Today is one of those days.


Ramón's Fruit Fiesta
Heartfruit.pngHeartfruit Foraging
Cobberries.pngCobberries Foraging
Sunfruit.pngSunfruit Plains Crops
Reward Oatmeal.pngOatmeal x3
Ramón's Just Jelly
Jelly Sandwich.pngJelly Sandwich 3D Printer.png3D Printer
Jelly Sandwich.pngJelly Sandwich 3D Printer.png3D Printer
Milk.pngMilk Cow.pngCow
Reward Ramón's Hand Weights.pngRamón's Hand Weights
Ramón's Healthy Habits
Herbal Tea.pngHerbal Tea Cooking
Oatmeal.pngOatmeal Cooking
Egg.pngEgg Chicken
Reward Ramón's Weights.pngRamón's Weights
Ramón's Foodie Friends
Fresh Salad.pngFresh Salad Cooking
Veggie Burger.pngVeggie Burger Cooking
Fish Tacos.pngFish Sopes Cooking
Flower Bouquet.pngFlower Bouquet Foraging
Reward Ramón's Fruitbowl.pngRamón's Fruitbowl Cobberries.pngCobberries x6