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Recruiting a photojournalist
Assigned by
Jade Washington
Assigned on
11 Summer Yr1 or later
As we discussed yesterday, I have looked into recruiting a photojournalist to document the colony's progress. There is one that seems to be a good candidate. However, I would prefer the colony to be a little more welcoming before their arrival. Once you build the Pioneer Plaza I will send for them.

The day after talking to Jade Washington about optics and intergalactic media documentation, she assigns the player to recruit a photojournalist, Skye Miller. She tasks them with constructing the Pioneer Plaza just to the northeast of the Administration Building. The conversation that begins this task is as follows:

  • Jade: Hello, colonist! I am very pleased with our progress thus far.
  • Jade: I believe it may be time for us to look into promoting the colony back on the home planet.
    • Option 1: We are not ready!
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: Interesting! How?
      • Jade: I am glad you asked!
      • Jade: I think we should recruit a photojournalist to document the colony's growth.
      • Jade: There are several professionals that I have in mind. I will be contacting them today to gauge their interest.
      • Jade: I am certain I will need your assistance preparing for their arrival.
      • Jade: I will let you know how you can help as soon as I determine what must be done.

Constructing the plaza costs $400 and Stone.pngStone x5, and gives the player the We Built This City achievement.

Once the player has built the Pioneer Plaza, they can visit Jade in the Administration Building to meet Skye. The player will have the following conversation with the two of them.

  • Skye: ... I didn't mean to imply that you shouldn't be proud! It's just that the colony isn't quite what I was expecting. Based on your messages I just expected there to be... more.
  • Jade: I understand that at first glance it may not seem as though we have made much progress. However, bringing life and culture to a barren world is difficult work. Tell me, how many space colonies have you visited before ours, Ms. Miller?
  • Skye: ... Fair enough! I promise to keep an open mind! But I'm not here to advertise for your company. I'll give a fair, but honest account of the progress.
  • Jade: I would expect nothing less. [Player Name], I would like you to meet Skye Miller. She is the photojournalist I mentioned.(The #nofilter achievement is acquired.)
  • Skye: Hiya, [Player Name]! Happy to meet you! If you see me snapping photos of you, it's strictly professional. I promise!

Skye's image and description display.

  • Skye: I'm really looking forward to checking out your farm. Is it possible to get a guided tour sometime? My studio is northwest of Rosie's shop. With all these alien landscapes to photograph you might have trouble catching me at home though. But don't let that stop you from popping in to say hi! You might luck out and catch me developing some prints. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of one another, [Player Name]. Later you two.


Completion of this job provides the following achievements: