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Recruiting a shopkeeper
Assigned by
??? (Miles Kelly)
Assigned on
8 Summer Yr1 or later
Jade has informed me that you think you can ship triple my original request. You remind me of a younger me. I have to admit I'm not sure you can do it, but I applaud your determination! Demonstrate that your colony is capable of turning a profit by shipping $150 worth of products, and I'll personally come open a shop in the colony the very next day!

Around the eighth/ninth day, Jade Washington is found audibly stressing out about the primary investment into the Viridis Primus colony.

  • Jade: Threaten me, will they?! Pull our funding? Ludicrous!
  • Jade: They cannot be serious. They just want to renegotiate our terms.
  • Jade: colonist! I did not hear you. How dare you sneak up on me like that!
    • Option 1: Don't yell at me!
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: Sorry.
      • Jade: No, [Player Name], I am sorry. You have caught me at a bad time.
        • Option 1: Way to take it out on me.
          • Unknown dialogue
        • Option 2: Anything I can do?
          • Jade: Our primary investor is threatening to pull our funding.
          • Jade: They are demanding we ship 50 credits worth of products as soon as possible.
            • Option 1: Wow, that's a lot!
              • Unknown dialogue
            • Option 2: Pfft! 50?! I'll ship 150!
              • Jade: Fantastic idea, [Player Name]! — The relationship bar fills up slightly.
              • Jade: Ship 150 credits worth of products to show them just how successful we can be!
              • Jade: Anything you ship will count. Flowers, lumber, anything. Ship them 150 credits worth of rocks for all I care.

At this point, the Recruiting a shopkeeper job is assigned by Miles Kelly. His name is not listed in the letter, instead listed as ??? and the only information the player is given is a picture of him. Because of her stress, Jade tasks the player (or the player offers) to provide triple the usual amount in the following shipment. The day after the shipment is made, the player will be assigned a new job, Meet the shopkeeper, by Jade.