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Recruiting a zoologist
Assigned by
Jade Washington
Assigned on
7 Summer Yr1
Find an animal and get a sample of its DNA. We can use this sample to recruit a zoologist.

After building the bridge, Jade Washington will task the player with obtaining a DNA sample with the Animal Sampler in order to recruit a zoologist. The player must first talk to Jade in order to get the Animal Sampler (also referred to as the Animal Pen). When the player talks to Jade to initiate this job, the dialogue is as follows:

  • Jade: There you are, colonist! I was just heading out to pay you a visit. I have a new assignment for you.
    • What do you need?
      • As you may have noticed, Viridis Primus is teeming with an abundance of wildlife.
      • If we can get some samples from some of the more useful species, I believe we can get a zoologist assigned to the colony.
      • I already have someone in mind, I just need those samples to send back for analysis.
      • Please take this device and gather genetic samples from the animals you see.
    • More work?!
      • Unknown dialogue

The player will then receive the letter assigning the job.

The player must then find an animal roaming around Viridis Primus and use the Animal Sampler on it. This will collect its DNA, prompting the internal dialogue, "This should be what Jade needed to recruit a zoologist." The player will be instructed to visit Jade in the Administration Building to bring the DNA sample. Here, Nessa Collins, the zoologist assigned to the colony, is met.


Completion of this achievement will provide the player with the following achievements: