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Sleeping allows the player to refill their energy bar and skip several hours into the next day. Sleeping will skip to 7:00 AM on the following day. It can be done at any time during the day. When the player clicks on a bed, they will be prompted with a dialogue box confirming their desire to sleep. Pressing Yes will cause the screen to dim, a short stringed tune to play, and a helpful game hint to display on the screen.


This is a list of all the possible hints that can display when sleeping.

  • If you deplete your energy, you'll pass out! To regain energy, sleep or eat something.
  • Gain scrap by searching for pod wreckage. New scrap can appear each day.
  • Scrap can be used to upgrade your home, build bridges, and unlock new areas.
  • Search bird nests for new native seeds. Many different genetic variations of each pant can exist.