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Survey the cave for gems
Assigned by
Miles Kelly
Assigned on
11 Summer Yr1 or later
I'm sure there's something valuable in the cave. Come talk to me once you find some gems.

By engaging in small talk with Miles Kelly, he may prompt the player to survey the cave for gems. The conversation that prompts this task is as follows.

  • Miles: There's a cave up north just in the mountains. It might be filled with valuable gems.
  • Miles: You look like the strong and brave type. Report back if there's anything worth exploiting.
  • Miles: I mean exploring.

The cave is located in the Mountains just north-northeast of Wyatt's Lab. The player can enter it and use their pickaxe to mine the new resources found inside. Rocks that have colored streaks are those that can be harvested for minerals. Ores will be depleted and later replenish themselves. Ores and basic minerals, like Copper Ore, Niter, and Salty Crystals do not count as gems for this job. Only Rubies and Sapphires count as gems. Once a Ruby is found, a dialogue box stating I've got a gem! I should go tell Miles. will appear. This job will not yet be completed, but Come talk to me will be assigned.