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Talk to Rosie about the marsh.
Assigned by
Wyatt Jones
Assigned on
6 Summer Yr1 or later
If you cannot enter the marsh, talk to Rosie. Maybe she can assist you.

After the player has investigated the marsh and discovered they cannot enter, they will be prompted by Wyatt Jones to talk to Rosie Martínez about "special equipment." The player must find and talk to Rosie. She will tell them that she does not have any designs herself that could solve that problem. Instead, she will direct the player to buy blueprints for the Wetland Walkers at the Blueprint Machine. Once this conversation is complete, this job will be complete and Rosie will have assigned the player Go buy the Wetland Walkers blueprint.

The conversation is as follows.

  • Rosie: Hey [Player Name], what's up?
  • Only option: I need to get into the marsh. — The job is completed.
  • Rosie: The marsh? You'll need to create some special equipment to get in.
  • Rosie: But I don't think I have any designs for something like that.
  • Rosie: Have you used the [[Blueprint Machine|Planetary Pioneer Blueprint System yet?
    • Option 1: Yeah, I know about it.
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: Nope.
      • Rosie: I'll send you its location.
      • Rosie: It's a great piece of machinery! I wish I had designed it! For a small fee you can purchase blueprints for some really useful things.
      • Rosie: Once you have a blueprint, you can use the 3D Printer to create it.
      • Rosie: Blue the blueprint for the Wetland Walkers. Once you craft those new boots, you'll be in the marsh in no time!