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This infobox displays a list of information pertaining to characters.


  • name: The character's full name.
  • image: (Optional: Defaults to name normal.png) The file name for the image of them. Include only the file name, for example: Rosie Martínez.png
  • job: The character's occupation on the colony.
  • pronouns: The pronouns used to refer to this character. Can be any of the following:
    • t: They/them
    • h: He/him
    • s: She/her
  • livesin: Where in the world the character lives.
  • desc: The description of the character provided when the player meets them.
  • unlockedin: (Optional) If they are unlocked in a job, list the job (or jobs) here.
  • achievements: (Optional) Any related achievements pertaining to this character and their relationship with the player.
  • family: (Optional) Any family members of this character that are also present in the game.
  • friends: (Optional) Any friends of this character that are also present in the game.

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