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Visit the lab.
Assigned by
Wyatt Jones
Assigned on
6 Summer Yr1
It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday. Please stop by my lab at your earliest convenience so that we can discuss how you can assist me with my research.

The day after Wyatt Jones, the botanist, is met, he will ask the player to visit his lab. When the player visits the lab to talk to Wyatt, he explains to them how genes work and how to use the Genetic Combiner (referred to as the gene splicing machine).

When the player first enters Wyatt's Lab, they will automatically walk up to Wyatt standing next to his Genetic Combiner to receive instructions on how to use it.

  • Wyatt: Hello, [Player Name]. Glad you could stop by.
  • Wyatt: Are you familiar with the gene splicing machine?
    • Option 1: Yeah, I've used it before.
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: No, what's it do?
      • Wyatt: There are a couple features you may find useful as you continue to grow crops here on Viridis Primus.
      • Wyatt: When you highlight a bag of seeds, the machine scans it for genetic traits. The machine then adds that trait with its associated genome to a list for future reference.
      • Wyatt: Many traits are advantageous. They can improve the quality of the crop or cause the plant to regrow on its own. Others have negative effects.
      • Wyatt: If you place two bags of seeds into the machine, you can splice them to make a new hybrid. Choose wisely where you splice to optimize the positive attributes.
      • Wyatt: Carefully consider the seeds you place into the machine. You only receive one new see from each combination!

If the player visits Wyatt's Lab before this message is sent, the conversation will still occur and once the message is sent (6 Summer Yr1) it will be automatically completed.