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Wyatt Jones
Wyatt Jones normal.png
Lives in:
Wyatt's Lab
Unlocked in:
Native crop requisition
Related achievements:
Putting Down Roots

Peas In a Pod

Zaheen Patel
Every space farming colony needs a reliable botanist, and Dr. Wyatt Jones is yours! Friendly albeit a little distant, Wyatt finds little use for small talk. However, he will be more than happy to speak at length regarding the sciences. Use his vast knowledge to aid you in your farming endeavors.

Dr. Wyatt Jones is a botanist. He will move to Viridis Primus in the Lab North of Player's Home after completing the Native crop requisition quest. Wyatt is very friendly, kind of a jokester, and passionate about plants and genetics but can also has his head in the clouds. He will help you to improve the quality of your crops with the Seed Extractor. Wyatt is one of the twelve characters available to marry.

First contact[]

Once the player completes the Native crop requisition job, they will be alerted to Meet Biologist at Jade's Office. Upon entering the Administration Building, they will partake in a conversation between Jade and Wyatt.

  • Wyatt: Thank you, Administrator. I am very pleased to be here! I will keep you updated on my discoveries. Good day.

He will then walk up to the player and initiate a conversation.

  • Wyatt: Just the person I was hoping to bump into! You must be [Player Name]. I owe you my gratitude. I would not be here were it not for you! Your hard work to prove that plants can be cultivated on Viridis Primus secured my assignment to the colony. Where are my manners?! I am Doctor Wyatt Jones, your resident botanist.(The player gains the Putting Down Roots achievement.)

Wyatt's description and image will then display. Then the conversation continues.

  • Wyatt: I believe I can assist you with improving your crops. My lab is just north of here. Please feel free to visit me any time.


Wyatt is a close friend to Doctor Zaheen, who help him in the past with his experiments. They warned him to not burn his wings but at that time he was to stubborn and arrogant to listened to them. He's the one who recommand them for the medical doctor post on Viridis Primus. It seems that Zaheen is like a mentor for him and that his family also know them. He seems to be close to his mother, but he often forget to call her to give her some news.

Small talk[]

Talking with characters outside of job duties can improve the player's relationship with them. Wyatt can say any of the following when engaging in small talk with him:

  • The colors of the local florae are so vibrant! I am still trying to figure out which ones are edible.
  • Can you do me a favor and taste this?
  • If it burns or tingles, do not swallow it and let me know immediately.

Oh! Hello, [Player Name]. I was just examining a sample of Poaceae I recently collected.

  • Beautiful grass, isn't it?
    • I did not know you shared my passion for plants, Player! — (++ friendship.)
  • Is that some kind of plant?
    • Very astute, Player ! It is the scientific name for what you might call grass — (No effect on friendship.)
  • Poe a what now?
    • Wyatt: pōˈāsēˌē. Grass, [Player Name]. — (No effect on friendship.)

Oh, [Player Name]! You startled me! Now I have ruined the sample I collected this morning.

  • I'll help you find another.
    • No need, [Player Name]. The hunt is half the fun!
    • Please excuse me, I must resume my research. — (No effect on friendship.)
  • Oops, sorry!
    • Please be more cautious in the future, [Player Name]. I spent all morning looking for that specimen. I must get back to my research. Please excuse me. — (No effect on friendship.)

  • I would wager that you are quite pleased with how readily available new seed samples are.
  • Remember to thank your industrious avian assistants!

  • There appear to be several distinct biomes in the immediate area.
  • How very advantageous for my research!

Which of the native grasses do you find most stimulating?

  • The purple ones are beautiful!
    • A most unusual color indeed. Quite breathtaking.
  • I like the green ones best.
    • They remind me of home. — (No effect on friendship.)

I am finally beginning to feel at home here.

I find it remarkable that even the gravity of Viridis Primus is almost identical to that of our home planet. It is almost as if we never left.

The climate here is remarkably similar to that of our home planet. Therefore, I am not surprised by the similarities of the botanical specimens.

Today is an exceptionally good day. I have already identified two additional species of plants.

  • I was just admiring the way the flowers dance in the breeze. — (+ friendship.)
  • It is almost as if they are sentient.

Relationship progress events[]

When the player is advancing from one stage (heart) in a relationship to the next, it is done so through an event.

First Green heart[]

First Green Heart.png
The player can reach the first green heart by visiting Wyatt's Lab when his relationship bar is full.


Welcome to my home, [Player Name]. I recently realized that you and I have not yet had time to speak at length. Being that there are so few of us in the colony, I feel it paramount that we all spend at least a little time getting to know one another. Do you agree?

  • I don't like talking.
    • I am not exactly a social butterfly myself. However, I do not think a little conversation will kill either of us.
  • Of course!

Perhaps you can assist me with this crossword? There are a few clues that have me stumped.

The screen fades to black and then back in.

I am glad we had this opportunity to get to spend some time together. I hope you enjoyed my company as much as I did yours.

  • I have to go... uhh.. do something.
    • I hope I did not bore you too much, [Player Name]. At any rate, I will not keep you any longer.I will see you again soon. Good day.
  • It was wonderful!
    • Very good! I am sure you have much to do. Have a good day, [Player Name]. I will see you again soon.

Second Green heart[]

Second Green Heart.png
The player can reach the second green heart by visiting Wyatt's Lab when his relationship bar is full and the first green heart has been reached.


Ah, [Player Name]! You are just in time! Please come over and help me with this. Please hold this flask and watch for smoke as I add this chemical.

  • Okay.
  • Wait what?!
    • Do not worry, [Player Name]. I would never have you perform a task that was unsafe.

Try to note the color of the smoke. Hmm. That was quick! Did you happen to catch the color?

  • Black.
  • White.
    • Are you sure?
      • Yes
        • I believe you are mistaken, [Player Name]. Or perhaps you are playing a joke on me? You must have known I was about to tease you.
      • It was black.
        • I am certain your initial response was an honest mistake...

Oh dear. You did not inhale any did you?

  • WHAT?!
    • Oh, [Player Name]! The look on your face. I guess I got you! You are fine. It was a joke.
  • No...
    • You need not be alarmed, [Player Name]. I was attempting to tease you.

The results are as I expected. This will definitely help me with my current research. Thank you for your assistance today! Take care, [Player Name].

Third Green heart[]

Third Green Heart.png
The player can reach the third green heart by visiting Wyatt's Lab when his relationship bar is full and the second green heart has been reached.


I am so glad you stopped by, [Player Name]! I have been working on something and I am in need of a peer review.

  • More science stuff?
    • No. This is a bit more of a personal request.
  • Hope I can help!
    • I have the utmost confidence in your ability to assist me. Your input is greatly appreciated.

So... How can you tell when a tree is bored at a party?

  • Ugh. Seriously?
    • I am sorry. Are jokes not your forte? I shall have to ask Rosie instead.
      • Just give me the punchline.
      • Yeah, I don't like jokes.
        • It has been found in certain studies that laughter can extend one's life expectancy. Please just listen to the punchline and see if it tickles your funny bone.
  • Um, I don't know, how?

He leaves! What do you think?

  • That's great!
    • I am glad you think so, [Player Name]!
  • Keep trying...
    • Very well, [Player Name]. I appreciate your candid feedback. I shall try again!

As you may have noticed, I am a bit of a jokester. I especially have an affinity for puns. I do so enjoy a good play on words. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to assist me again. Oh! I almost forgot. Rosie said you are collecting musical discs. Please take this. It is my favorite piece. The counterpoint is... On point. — (Unlocked Music disc for: Wyatt & Peas In a Pod achievement.)

First Blue heart[]

First Blue Heart.png
The player can reach the first blue heart by visiting Wyatt's Lab between 11 am and 2 pm, when his relationship bar is full and the third green heart has been reached.


Impeccable timing, [Player Name]! I was just about to start preparing lunch. Now watch closely and I will show you a tasty use for the fruits of your labor. I suppose it should be the vegetables of your labor...

The screen dims, and 1 hour passes.

I present for your dining pleasure, Veggie Soup! This is a new spin on an old recipe handed down through the generations of Jones men. I share it with you as a tangible expression of our friendship. I may joke with you from time to time, and most other I times appear... disinterested? However, I do greatly value your company, [Player Name].

  • It's okay!
    • Thank you for understanding.
  • I never noticed.
    • Here I thought I was alone in my lack of social awareness! I am glad I have not offended you.
  • I wondered...

I have always been rather absorbed in my own thoughts. Even as a child, my parents found it difficult to get my attention if I was puzzling something out. I apologize in advance if I come across as impassive at inappropriate times in the future. I promise I am earnestly interested in your thoughts and opinions! Ah! Let us not forget the soup! Please eat, before it gets cold.

The screen dims, you regain 30 energy and 1 hour passes.

Thank you for joining me for lunch today! If you were unable to follow along as we prepared the meal, here is the recipe. Enjoy the rest of your day, [Player Name]! (Unlocked Veggie Soup recipe)

Second Blue heart[]

Second Blue Heart.png
The player can reach the second blue heart after you've unlock Zaheen by visiting Wyatt's Lab before midday when his relationship bar is full and the first blue heart has been reached.


I hope you wore your walking shoes today, [Player Name]! We will be out in the field collecting samples. It should be invigorating! Try to keep up!

The screen dims, and 1 hour passes. I am searching for new species of fungi for an experiment I am working on with Dr. Patel.

  • Sounds interesting!
    • Quite!
  • You seem really close...
    • If the player is not dating Zaheen:
      • Now, [Player Name]... Zaheen and I have been friends for a very long time. My feelings for them are strictly platonic. I hope that you believe me.
      • Please, let us discuss it no further. There is science to be done!
    • If the player is dating Zaheen:
      • I hope you are not worried about your relationship with Zaheen. They are like family to me. You have nothing to worry about.
      • Please, let us discuss it no further. There is science to be done!
    • If the player is married to Zaheen:
      • Now, [Player Name], I would never interfere with a committed relationship. Especially not one involving two very dear friends. I assure you, my relationship with Zaheen is, and always has been, that of a good friend.
      • Please, let us discuss it no further. There is science to be done!

Do you see anything unusual here?

  • I haven't seen these before.

Superb eye, [Player Name]! I believe I have not yet acquired a sample of this particular species! I am quite impressed with your ability to find things that most would overlook. ... Ahem. I suppose we should be getting back. I apologize for invading your personal space. I was just... Intrigued. Thank you again for your assistance today!

Third Blue heart[]

Third Blue Heart.png
The player can reach the third blue heart by visiting Wyatt's Lab when his relationship bar is full and the second blue heart has been reached.


I am pleased you were able to find time to visit me today. Your presence always puts me at ease. ... Please let me show you something. Believe it or not, I have not always been the accomplished scientist you see before you. This journal contains my first published paper. It was not well received by experts in the field. When I revisit it now, I can easily see where my peers found fault in my conclusions. The results of the experiments did not support my assertions nearly as strongly as I believed at the time.

  • People make mistakes.
    • You are right, [Player Name]. To error is to be human. However, I was downright arrogant. I listened to no one back then.
  • Overconfidence is dangerous.
    • It is indeed, [Player Name]. It is indeed. You are not the first to warn me so.

You know Zaheen. A wise and thoughtful soul, that one. My dear friend tried to convince me not to submit the paper without more definitive proof in support of my stance. I was a very stubborn young man, and foolishly I did not heed the good advice. The experience had a... substantial impact on my behavior. I no longer take action without thoroughly researching, testing, and verifying what I believe to be true. ...

  • If the player is single:
    • This will be the first time I am going to take a risk without conclusive evidence of my suspicions.
      • What suspicions?
        • I promised myself I would not allow you to leave this evening without my definitive proof...
      • I think I know what you mean.
        • You... you do? Apparently I have not been as discrete as I believed.
    • I believe that I am falling for you, [Player Name]. If my suspicions are correct, you have feelings for me as well. Will you be my little wildflower?
      • I think we make great friends.
        • I completely understand, [Player Name]. I knew I was taking a risk confessing my feelings to you. It was still nice to discuss my first paper with you. We truly are great friends.
      • I would like to date you.
        • I suspected as much! I am relieved you feel the same. If we pursue these feelings, I would ask that you not date anyone else. When I love, I love with all I have. I require the same dedication from my partner. Is that arrangement agreeable to you?
          • Yes! Let's date.
            • I cannot find the words to express my contentment. I promise that you will not regret your decision, [Player Name]!
          • I want to see other people.
            • I cannot be with you if you are unwavering in that desire. If you wish to date others, I cannot be a party to that. Are you certain?
            • Yes. I need to be free. (We make great friends answer.)
            • I can be with only you. (I'd like to date you answer.)
          • Actually, let's be friends. (We make great friends answer.)
  • If the player is already dating someone:
    • What am I doing? You are already spoken for. If you are ever single, [Player Name]. I would be interested in researching the affairs of the heart with you.
      • I think we make great friends.
        • I completely understand, [Player Name]. I knew I was taking a risk confessing my feelings to you. It was still nice to discuss my first paper with you. We truly are great friends.
      • I'd like to date you.
        • I cannot enter into a relationship with someone who is already attached. When I love, I love with all I have. I require the same dedication from my partner. If your situation ever changes to one that will accommodate that requirement, please let me know.
  • If the player is dating or married to Zaheen:
    • What am I doing? You are already spoken for. By one of my oldest and dearest friends in fact. I am ashamed to say... If your situation ever changes... What am I saying?! You should just go, [Player Name]. Forgive my behavior. I wish you many happy years with Zaheen.

First Red heart[]

First Red Heart.png
The player can reach the first red heart by visiting Wyatt's Lab between 6 pm and 10 pm when his relationship bar is full and the third blue heart has been reached and dating Wyatt. It's a continuation of the Second Blue Heart Event.


I hope you do not tire of my vegetable soup. I am not confident in my ability to prepare anything else to a level adequate for your approval.

  • I like soup.
    • Wonderful. Then we shall dine on soup as often as you wish.
  • You're more than "adequate!"
    • Ummm... You should not tease me so, [Player Name]!
  • I'm not a fan.
    • Then I shall make a point of learning additional recipes so that I may please you, [Player Name]. Try to enjoy this batch of soup, and I will prepare something different next time.

Now let us eat before it gets cold.

The screen dims, and 1 hour passes.

I enjoy spending time with you, [Player Name]. I feel so at ease around you. I have... Something which I must confess..

  • What is it?
  • Is it bad?
    • Do not look so concerned, [Player Name]! It is nothing terrible, I assure you. At least I do not believe it is such a terrible confession.
  • You're cheating with Zaheen! (This option is only available if you said the him and Zaheen seem really close in the Mash.)
    • What would make you think such a thing, [Player Name]?! I have already assured you my relationship with Zaheen is that of a good friend. Do you not trust me? You are in possession of my entire heart. My confession seems almost silly in light of your fears.

It is just... I have never been in a relationship before. I do not know how to do this. If I am doing this... right? (Since you believed I could be cheating on you, I am apparently doing something wrong.) I apologize if I have not been the partner you were hoping I would be.

  • You are all wonderful.
    • Thank you for the encouragement. I shall not let you down.
  • We can work through it.
    • I am no stranger to hard work, but having you by my side as I learn my role will make the burden much lighter. Thank you for your faith in me. I shall not let you down.
  • You need to try harder.
    • I am sorry I have failed you. I will do my best to better learn my cues.
  • [Thruth] This is my first relationship. (This option is the thruth if it's you're first relationship with the colonists.)
    • Really?! Here I was worried I was alone in my inexperience. I would never have guessed I was your first partner. You are far less awkward than I.
  • [Lie] This is my first relationship. (This option is a lie if it's not you're first relationship with the colonists.)
    • Why do you feel it necessary to lie to me, [Player Name]? This is a small colony. I know I am not your first partner.
      • I'm sorry.
        • I forgive you, [Player Name]. How could I remain upset with you?
      • I wanted you to feel better.
        • I am not ashamed of my lack of experience. Please, do not lie to me. Not even to spare my feelings. But it is sweet that you wished to make me feel less awkward.

Without you I would wilt. With you, I hope to blossom into the man you need me to be. Goodnight, [Player Name].

Second Red heart[]

Second Red Heart.png
The player can reach the second red heart by visiting Wyatt's Lab during the evening when his relationship bar is full and the first red heart has been reached.


Do not be shy. Come over here. I have something I wish to celebrate with you. Look here... My paper about the similarities of the flora on Viridis Primus and on the home planet has been published. I made the cover!

  • Congratulations!
    • Thank you, $nWyatt! I am very pleased with this outcome. This is indeed an auspicious day! To be so prominently featured in this particular journal is very affirming.
  • Oh, that's all?
    • "That's all?!" This is the achievement of a lifetime! I thought you would be happy for me.
      • I was being goofy!
        • I apologize, [Player Name]. I did not detect your sarcasm. Please try to be more obvious in the future.
      • I am happy for you.
        • This is indeed an auspicious day! To be so prominently featured in this particular journal is very affirming.
      • Of a lifetime, really?
        • To make the cover of this particular journal... Yes.

Do you recognize the title? This is the publication that published my first paper. In the years since it was so highly criticized, they have never published any of my other work. Today, I feel as though I have finally redeemed myself! Would you like to read it?

  • Of course!
    • Perhaps we should read it somewhere more comfortable. Come snuggle with me on the couch.
  • Not really...
    • Of course, I cannot expect your interests to completely align with mine. Will you at least stay a while? I would love to celebrate with some snuggling on the couch.
  • Read it to me?
    • Do you enjoy the sound of my voice that much? I would be happy to read it to you. That way you may ask me questions if you like.
  • I'm in!
    • The screen dims, and 2 hours passes.
    • It is getting late. You should probably get going before I get daring and ask you to stay the night.
      • Goodnight.
        • Goodnight, [Player Name]. Sweet dreams!
      • But I want to stay...
        • I um... I was not expecting that response. Please do not tease me, [Player Name]. Do you really wish to stay over?
          • No. Goodnight.
          • Yes.
            • Oh. How can I say no to that?
            • The screen dims, and it's now 7 am.
            • I had a wonderful evening with you. See you later, [Player Name].
  • I have to go.
    • Certainly. It is getting late. Forgive me for keeping you, [Player Name]. (The scene ends.)

Third Red heart[]

Third Red Heart.png
The player can reach the third red heart by visiting Wyatt's Lab when his relationship bar is full and the second red heart has been reached. This event will determine if you'll married together, move in, stay a couple or break up.


Stop right there! Turn your adorable self right around. We are going for a stroll! Surprised by our destination, [Player Name]?

  • Yes.
    • I promise it will all make sense shortly.
  • No.
    • You are not? I suppose since your home is located in the middle of the colony it should be no surprise we may pass by it.
  • Why are we at my house?
    • Though we are at your door, your home is not our actual destination. Come this way.

I wanted to come here because it is somewhere familiar to you. And this setting will serve as a great metaphor. I treasure the time that I get to spend with you, [Player Name]. I believe that you feel the same. I brought you to this field to discuss us. You have been cultivating crops on Viridis Primus long enough that I am certain you will understand what I am trying to say. Our relationship is like this field. When I arrived here, our "field" was barren. The "seeds" of our love freshly planted. With time, and of course the proper care and attention, our relationship blossomed into a healthy and vibrant "crop." Are you following me?

  • I think so?
    • I am certain you understand what I have said, but I admit, I am leaving out key information.
  • Yep!
    • It is nice to have someone who finally gets me. But I am being unnecessarily vague.
  • I'm confused.
    • It was a silly metaphor. I do not know why I am "beating around the bush" so to speak.

Alas, that is the only way I know how to broach this subject. Knock Knock.

  • What?
    • It is a joke. You need to say "Who's there?"
      • Who's there?
  • Who's there?
  • Not another joke!
    • Please, [Player Name]... Play along for my benefit.
      • Who's there?


  • Mary who?

Marry me.

  • What?!
    • Is that surprise or confusion?
  • Yes!
    • Really?

I know the term is antiquated, but I thought you would understand. I am proposing we take the commitment vows. What do you say? Will you be [Player Name] for the rest of my life?

  • I will!
    • You have made me the happiest man alive! I will begin the preparations, [Player Name]. — (The scene ends.)
  • I won't.
    • Oh... But I thought. How foolish of me.
      • I want to keep dating you.
        • Oh! Of course. You are not breaking up with me! You just do not wish to progress our relationship further. I apologize if I have upset you. I simply wish to be with you for all of my days. Please let me know if you change your mind. Until that day, I will continue to shower you with as much attention as you wish. — (The scene ends.)
      • I want to move in with you.
        • What? Without a commitment ceremony?
          • Without a ceremony.
            • I had never considered that as an option. What would mother think? It is irrelevant! I love you, [Player Name]. If you wish to skip the pomp and circumstance, so be it! I shall prepare for your arrival! See you tomorrow! — (The scene ends.)
          • Unless you want one?
      • I think we should break up.
        • I was not prepared for this. I can remain your friend, [Player Name]. I just need some time. Please let me be for a few days. — (The scene ends.)

Random events[]

Seed Extractor and instructions[]

Main article: Seed Extractor

Although he does not give the player a Seed Extractor directly, Wyatt offers to let the player use the Seed Extractor in his lab. In this conversation, Rosie teaches the player how to use the machine. This occurs in a random event, usually around the time Zaheen Patel arrives. When this occurs, the player leaves their house to find Rosie Martínez and Wyatt talking outside. The following conversation occurs:

  • Rosie: Can you describe the noise it was making again please, Wyatt?
  • Wyatt: I suppose it sounds like a mix of grinding and popping.
  • Rosie: Hmm. Maybe something is lodged inside. I guess we'll find out soon enough!
  • Good morning, what's up?
  • Wyatt: Rosie kindly offered to fix my seed extractor. Would you like to come along? You may learn something as well!
    • No thanks.
      • Wyatt: Suit yourself! Have a good day, [Player Name].
      • Rosie: Don't worry, I've got it under control!
      • The scene ends.
    • Sure!
      • Fantastic! Please accompany us to my lab.

The three then walk to Wyatt's Lab. On the way, Rosie will say to the player, Happy to have you tag along, [Player Name]! When they enter the lab, the conversation continues.

  • Rosie: Dios mío, Wyatt! What have you been using this for?
  • Wyatt: Not for anything out of the ordinary!
  • Rosie: Have you made a seed extractor for yourself, [Player Name]? — Note: This statement says it is from Wyatt in the dialogue box, however the relationship bar and image displayed is for Rosie.
    • Not yet.
      • Rosie: You really should have one for your farm, [Player Name].
      • Wyatt: Rosie is correct! Though you are always more than welcome to borrow mine.
    • Yes!
      • Rosie: Of course you have! What farm is complete without one?
      • Wyatt: Indeed! If you ever have difficulty with yours, you are always welcome to use mine.
  • When it is functioning, of course. I usually only have on problem with my seed extractor. I often forget the crops in my refrigerator. Try not to make the same mistake, [Player Name].
  • Rosie: That sounds more like user error than a problem with the extractor itself!
  • Wyatt: ...
  • Rosie: Sorry, Wyatt! I just don't like when people blame machines for the mistakes they make.
  • Wyatt: It is quite alright, Rosie. You are absolutely correct. A little friendly ribbing now and again helps to keep ones ego in check.
  • Rosie: Do you understand how the extractor works now, [Player Name]?
    • Not quite.
      • Rosie: That's okay! As Wyatt was saying, you must have your crops in your inventory to use them in the seed extractor. Just drag them in and press the button. Also, the seeds you extract are deposited into your seed storage bin. You won't find them if you look in your inventory!
    • You bet!
      • Rosie: Great! Just remember that the seeds you extract are deposited into your seed storage bin. You won't find them if you look in your inventory!
  • Rosie: Well, Wyatt, it's good as new!
  • Wyatt: Wonderful! Thank you very much, Rosie. You are very kind.
  • Rosie: Anytime, Wyatt! That goes for you too, [Player Name]. Just let me know if anything needs fixing!


Wyatt's Basic Biology[]

  • Items: Red Flowers.pngRed Flowers  •  Yellow Flowers.pngYellow Flowers  •  Blue Flowers.pngBlue Flowers
  • Reward: Wyatt's Bookcase.pngWyatt's Bookcase  •  Seed Chest.pngSeed Chest
  • Dialogue:
    • Wyatt: Excellent foraging, [Player Name]! These floral samples should help me in my research.
    • Wyatt: As your first reward, enjoy this fine bookcase. — The relationship bar fills slightly.
    • Wyatt: My next request requires you grow some native crops. Here is an extra seed chest to help you expand your farming efforts.

Wyatt's Plains Crops Pro[]

  • Items: Dwarf Corn.pngDwarf Corn  • Bristlegrain.pngBristlegrain  • Lunaleaf.pngLunaleaf  • Sunfruit.pngSunfruit
  • Rewards: Wyatt's Couch.pngWyatt's Couch
  • Dialogue:
    • Look at you, [Player Name]! You are making excellent progress cultivating the local plant life.
    • I have no doubt you are ready to take on the challenges of a new biome!

Wyatt's Marsh Crop Maven[]

Wyatt's Marsh Crop Maven
Meteor Melon.pngMeteor Melon Marsh Crops
Orbit Oats.pngOrbit Oats Marsh Crops
Pulsar Potatoes.pngPulsar Potatoes Marsh Crops
Rocket Rice.pngRocket Rice Marsh Crops
Reward Wyatt's Plant 1.pngWyatt's Plant 1 Wyatt's Plant 2.pngWyatt's Plant 2 Wyatt's Plant 3.pngWyatt's Plant 3

Wyatt's Mountain Crop Master[]

Wyatt's Mountain Crop Master
Pearlroot.pngPearlroot Mountain Crops
Nova Peppers.pngNova Peppers Mountain Crops
Comet Cactus.pngComet Cactus Mountain Crops
Celestial Cabbage.pngCelestial Cabbage Mountain Crops
Reward Wyatt's Lamps.pngWyatt's Lamps Wyatt's Hydroponics.pngWyatt's Hydroponics